• Frank Ryding
    Memoirs of a Red Cross Doctor' is an honest portrayal of ...
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  • Cold War Submarines (Paperback)
    Norman Polmar
    Submarines had a vital, if often unheralded, role in the ...
    From £28.21
  • Sharon Rotbard
    A hidden history of colonialism and war in Jaffa and Tel ...
    From £11.63
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  • Investment in Blood (Paperback)
    Frank Ledwidge
    A follow-up to Losing Small Wars, this book analyses the ...
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  • Soldier Box (Hardback)
    Joe Glenton
    A brave account of a soldier who refused to return to Afg...
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  • By Sword and Fire (Paperback)
    Sean McGlynn
    A vivid and original account of warfare in the Middle Age...
  • The CNN Effect (Paperback)
    Piers Robinson
    Piers Robinson examines the relationship between the stat...
    From £20.53
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  • The Portuguese Army of the Napoleonic Wars (Pt.2) (No.346) (Paperback)
    Rene Chartrand, William Y...
    The Portuguese constituted a third to a half of the troop...
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  • The Book Smugglers (Hardback)
    David E. Fishman
    The Monuments Men for book lovers
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  • Dear World (Hardback)
    Bana Alabed
    A poignant memoir and manifesto from social media sensati...
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  • Divided Sovereignty (Paperback)
    Carmen Pavel
    Divided Sovereignty explores new institutional solutions ...
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  • Luke R. A. Butler
    A comparative analysis of the role of EU and US defence p...
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  • Disappearing War (Hardback)
    Ms Christina Hellmich, Dr...
    The battles fought in the name of the war on terror have ...
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  • Matthew Leonard
    One of the only, if not the only, book to combine archaeo...
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  • The Margins of Empire (Paperback)
    Janet Klein
    Following the story of a Kurdish tribal militia employed ...
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  • Panikos Panayi
    In this volume an international team explores the histori...
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  • United Nations: Office for ...
    The evaluation of the UNDP contribution to mine action is...
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  • Julie Carpenter, Dr. Jai ...
    Based on exploratory research investigating interactions ...
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