• The Holocaust (Hardback)
    Laurence Rees
    Sunday Times top 10 bestseller 'Groundbreaking ...You mig...
    From £16.95
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  • Murderous Elite (Hardback)
    James Pontolillo
    Subtitle on cover: The Waffen-SS and its complete record ...
    From £18.95
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  • Stephen Gowans
    From £14.89
    Save £8.61
  • Anatomy of Malice (Paperback)
    Joel E. Dimsdale
    In this gripping and haunting narrative, a renowned psych...
    From £13.35
  • Stolen Girls (Hardback)
    Wolfgang Bauer
    One night in April 2014, members of the terrorist organiz...
    From £12.83
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  • Beyond Duty (Hardback)
    Walter S. Zapotoczny
    From £13.64
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  • Anthony Nott
    Having spent most of his service as a detective, Tony not...
    From £13.69
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  • A Passing Fury (Paperback)
    A. T. Williams
    After the Second World War, the Nuremberg Tribunal became...
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  • Anarchism, 1914-18 (Hardback)
    Matthew S. Adams, Ruth Kinna
    A volume that focuses on the complex and multifaceted ans...
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  • Competing Memories (Hardback)
    Rebekka Friedman
    A rigourous analysis of context in transitional justice, ...
  • Tasoula Georgiou Hadjitofi
    From £17.16
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  • Rebel Law (Hardback)
    Frank Ledwidge
    This indispensable book explains how courts are now part ...
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  • Anna Arjona, Nelson Kasfi...
    This is the first book to examine and compare how rebels ...
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  • East West Street (Paperback)
    Philippe Sands
    A uniquely personal exploration of the origins of interna...
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  • Roger O'Keefe
    International Criminal Law presents a full and systematic...
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  • Zachary Daniel Kaufman
    In United States Law and Policy on Transitional Justice: ...
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  • Sandra Wilson, Robert Cri...
    Beginning in late 1945, the United States, Britain, China...
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  • The Agony of Socialism (Paperback / softback)
    Garifolla Yesim, R Charles...
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