• Unbroken (Paperback)
    Laura Hillenbrand
    The incredible true story of Louis Zamperini, now a major...
    From £7.76
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  • Hitler's Last Army (Hardback)
    Robin Quinn
    Using exclusive interviews with former prisoners, as well...
  • Zero Night (Hardback)
    Mark Felton
    The thrilling true story of what happened at prison camp ...
  • Bernice Archer
    Bernice Archer's comparative study of the experiences of ...
    From £28.19
    Save £6.80
  • The Railway Man (Paperback)
    Eric Lomax
    During the Second World War Eric Lomax was forced to work...
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  • Jon Sutherland, Diane Sut...
    At the beginning of the Second World War, there were two ...
  • Colditz (No. 97) (Paperback)
    Michael McNally, Peter De...
    Immortalized in film and literature, the 15th century cas...
    From £7.21
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  • Not without Honor (Hardback)
    Steve Carano, John C. Bit...
    Presents the stories of three American POWs - Carano; his...
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  • Anthony Farrar-Hockley
    In April 1951, at the height of the Korean War, Chinese t...
    From £12.56
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  • POW (Paperback)
    Adrian D. Gilbert
    P.O.W. resurrects the voices of the forgotten heroes of t...
  • Captives of War (51) (Hardback)
    Clare Makepeace
    This study reveals the experiences and emotional lives of...
  • Behind the Wire (Paperback)
    Tom Guttridge
    A vivid and fascinating account of life in a German POW c...
    From £8.79
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  • Martin W. Bowman
    Acquaints the reader with a multitude of escape tactics, ...
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  • Great Escaper (Paperback)
    Louise Williams
    The true story of John `Willy' Williams, one of the `Most...
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  • Olivier Rolin, Ros Schwartz
    Alexey Wangenheim - a celebrated meteorologist - had been...
    From £11.08
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  • Rolf Michaelis
    Albert Schwenn was called up by the SS Cavalry Replacemen...
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  • Beyond Duty (Hardback)
    Walter S. Zapotoczny
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  • For the Glory (Paperback)
    Duncan Hamilton
    No one has embodied the ideals of the Olympic movement qu...
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