Economics of industrial organisation

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  • The Scottish Economy (Paperback)
    Duncan Maclennan, Kenneth ...
    The Scottish economy is at the heart of contemporary cons...
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  • Tragedy & Challenge (Hardback)
    Tom Brown
    The introduction explains the context of the book and exa...
    From £13.64
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  • Wendell Berry
    'He is unlike anybody else writing today ...
    From £14.61
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  • Pippo Ranci, Guido Cervigni
    The Economics of Electricity Markets provides a cutting-e...
    From £57.47
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  • Free (Paperback)
    Chris Anderson
    What happens when advances in technology allow many thing...
    From £6.56
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  • Wine Globalization (Hardback)
    Kym Anderson, Vicente Pin...
    This book uses empirically-based analytical narratives to...
  • Tigran Haas, Hans Westlund
    Today, the world's cities face a range of challenges majo...
    From £88.15
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  • No Ordinary Woman (Hardback)
    Angela Penrose
    A biography of one of the most under-rated economists of ...
  • Akihiro Otsuka
    This book describes various methods of analysis for ascer...
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  • J. K. Onoh
    The development of Nigeria's oil industry is examined com...
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  • David Hawdon
    Originally published in 1985 by a group of international ...
    From £61.78
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  • The Price of Coal (Hardback)
    Michael P. Jackson
    This book, originally published in 1974, examines the cha...
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  • T. M. Lewis, I. H. McNicoll
    This book, originally published in 1978 concentrates on t...
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  • The Energy Crisis (Hardback)
    David Hawdon
    This book, originally published in 1984 by a group of lea...
    From £61.78
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  • H. Townshend-Rose
    Originally published in 1951, this book is a straightforw...
    From £61.78
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  • Jerome Davis
    Originally published in 1981, this book discusses the dev...
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  • World Nuclear Power (Hardback)
    Peter R Mounfield
    Originally published in 1991, this comprehensive volume p...
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  • John L. Robinson
    Originally published in 1984, this volume examines the co...
    From £77.39
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