Development economics

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  • Tim Allen, Alan Thomas
    Aims to help students of development economics, internati...
    From £49.07
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  • Thomas Piketty
    The main driver of inequality--returns on capital that ex...
    From £20.15
    Save £11.80
  • Bjorn Lomborg
    A controversial, wide ranging and clearly documented surv...
  • Bad Samaritans (Paperback)
    Ha-Joon Chang
    Argues that in theory the world's wealthiest countries an...
    From £6.51
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  • Debraj Ray
    Suitable for policy-makers, who increasingly find themsel...
    From £34.15
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  • Daron Acemoglu
    Gives graduate student's tools to analyze growth and rela...
    From £34.88
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  • Amartya K. Sen
    This title is a synthesis of the thought of economist Ama...
    From £8.78
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  • Eoin O'Leary
    This book offers a discerning narrative on the spectacula...
    From £28.17
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  • Andrzej Klimczuk
    Economic Foundations for Creative Aging Policy offers pub...
    From £60.08
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  • Jeremy Rifkin
    The capitalist era is passing.
    From £9.08
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  • Gaidar's Revolution (Hardback)
    Petr Aven, Alfred Kokh
    Insider account of the process of economic reform in Russia
    From £20.72
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  • The Great Escape (Paperback)
    Angus Deaton
    The world is a better place than it used to be.
    From £11.21
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  • Jamie Lorimer
    From £17.75
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  • The Bubble Economy (Hardback)
    Professor Robert U. Ayres
    The global economy has become increasingly, perhaps chron...
    From £19.05
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  • Expulsions (Hardback)
    Saskia Sassen
    Income inequality, displaced and imprisoned populations, ...
    From £15.75
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  • Jeremy Rifkin
    The Zero Marginal Cost Society examines how the shift to ...
    From £12.53
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  • CATS (Hardback)
    Stephen C. Lundin
    The purrfect path to innovation by the coauthor of Fish!
    From £17.64
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  • Philippe Aghion, Peter W. ...
    A comprehensive, rigorous, and up-to-date introduction to...
    From £79.23