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  • Alan Brown, Mark Thompson...
    For businesses large and small, investment in digital tec...
    From £17.79
    Save £12.20
  • The Entrepreneurial State (No. 1) (Paperback)
    Mariana Mazzucato
  • Douglas Rushkoff
    Why doesn't the explosive growth of companies such as Fac...
    From £9.91
    Save £5.08
  • Ronan Gruenbaum
    Embracing social technologies at work is not just a blog ...
    From £10.69
    Save £6.30
  • Creative Confidence (Paperback)
    David Kelley, Tom Kelley
    A powerful and inspiring book from the founders of IDEO, ...
    From £8.27
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  • John Warrillow
    The lifeblood of your business is repeat customers.
    From £11.22
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  • How to Kill a Unicorn (Paperback)
    Mark Payne
    In How to Kill a Unicorn, Mark Payne pulls back the curta...
    From £11.79
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  • Nicholas LaRusso, Barbara ...
    Shows you how to: inspire and ignite trailblazing innovat...
    From £15.77
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  • Cristina Bianchi, Maureen ...
    Making innovation in the workplace highly accessible, Coa...
    From £13.95
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  • John Hayes
    A core textbook for all modules in Change Management, Hay...
    From £40.16
    Save £12.83
  • Jodie Newman
    Compact Introducing Practical Guide to being creative in ...
  • Larry Keeley, Ryan Pikkel...
    Using a list of more than 2,000 successful innovations, i...
    From £12.75
    Save £7.24
  • Gerald L. Bradley
    Takes you step-by-step through the benefits realisation p...
    From £63.04
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  • Diana Whitney, Amanda Tro...
    Describes a wildly popular approach to organizational cha...
    From £17.64
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  • A Fine Line (Hardback)
    Hartmut Esslinger
    A story of business transformation and a guide to creativ...
    From £12.75
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  • Workflow Modeling (Hardback)
    Alec Sharp, Patrick McDer...
    Presents techniques for identifying, modeling, and redesi...
    From £55.78
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  • George S. Yip, Bruce McKern
    The history-making development of the Chinese economy has...
    From £15.71
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  • Twist (Paperback)
    Julie Cottineau
    Standing out in today's crowded markets is a huge challen...
    From £7.08
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