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For All Our Grandfathers

First Ever Family Lineage from 4026 BC to 2008 AD

By (author) David Baxter, Norma Hart
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Ancient Family Roots, bedford, United Kingdom
Published: 1st May 2009
Dimensions: w 210mm h 298mm d 33mm
ISBN-10: 0955798000
ISBN-13: 9780955798009
Barcode No: 9780955798009
This is an ideal present for those who like true humorous and sometimes tragic stories of a family, who's members shaped the course of history. It is a very large book of 548 pages that not only give an historical, international, national, and local account of their lives and the environment in which they lived but a true account of family life of fun and tragedy. Said by a publisher: 'it is a very valuable book that will be used by families, students and professionals for many years to come'. Although our family through no fault of their own became destitute and struggled to survive as other family branches succeeded as royalty, lords of the manor or of high profile. Many years have passed since we as children waited in a blacked out room huddled together for warmth with baited breath to hear stories told by our parents during those long wartime nights past down by many generations of our family; we realised we would have to put into print these fascinating stories of the past for you to enjoy and others yet to come together with the dramatic account our own life and times; sometimes humorous, some tragic. Due to the exciting facts we discovered researching numerous manuscripts, books, and the bible to our amazement we were constructing a family tree that started from the beginning of time leading to the plain of Shinar with Noah's three sons. One, Japeth entered into Europe and we traced his lineage through to Rollo the founder of Normandy who married twice. This gave us three Royal family lines of France, Italy, and Scandinavia. The great grandson of Rollo, William the Conqueror came to England with his relations and followers one of which was his cousin Turold Crispin/Bulver our ancestor who took the estates of Woodalling in Norfolk. The family developed into three lines Heydon, Knebworth and Buxton; their descendents we have recorded up to modern times. We have proved our mothers lineage, though our fathers fascinating lineage we believe is linked to a Roman Senator Laco, Procurator of Gaul, who was summoned to England by Claudius and settled in Wem, Shropshire as Lords of Lacon, whose descendants are linked to the Ward family of Great Yarmouth. Unfortunately this line although complete cannot be proved due to loss of records but read the tale of the mystery of Ann Furrence our great-great grandmother, orphaned when her mother died in childbirth at sea and her father and brother were drowned in a shipwreck. Our story continues with the experiences of our present family with sudden poverty, tragic loss of our brother, father's business and the demolition of our family home all in one year. We also tell of our terror as children during the air raids of war torn Britain when the German Stuka bombers started their dive bomb runs from above our house to bomb the City of Norwich as we children lay crouched with hands over our heads in the shelter listening to the loud explosions, falling bricks then silence as they turned round for another run. In all this our father was out rescuing the injured and dying while we prayed for his safe return, but it was still school the next morning sometimes with similar stress of what seemed the long walk to the school air raid shelter 15ft underground that was of course in darkness; Three 8ftX8ftX 30ft tunnels with slated seats along its length where we sang songs or recited our x tables until the all clear sounded. How the teachers controlled 60 children in the semi dark cannot be imagined. We have recorded the fun of our teenage years and marriage up to modern times including our families secret involvement in successful test tube baby research in 1969 at Oldham General Hospital that has brought the joy of parenthood for so many couples. These the true stories of our family with many others both tragic and humorous which we hope you enjoy reading them as we did in writing about them and perhaps you can link your own family to our many charts. Families of our book that took 20 years of research. It is important to understand that this book starts with a historical study from the beginning of time, as we understand it and follows the earliest tribes from Adam that spread across the continents. We follow the line from Adam and Japheth in Europe to Rollo Ragnavaldsson who married twice 1st Giselle and 2nd Popae that start two distinctive family lines; Rollo is the common ancestor to both our parents and when they married 2000 years later both lines conjoined again; Popae leads to our mother's Bulwer branch and Giselle leads to William Longsword whose two marriages 1st to Emma creates the Royal line [Kings of England] and his 2nd wife Sporta creates nobility [that we believe to be our father's line]. There are numerous paths of our family lines but it would be too confusing to include them all. It is these and associated family lines we concentrate on cumulating with a final chart name by name from the beginning of time to the present living family. It is not only a story of a family but a history lesson from the beginning of time for children and adults said by one publisher to be a very valuable book not filled with boring charts but brings to life the lives of family members, some changed the course of history.

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