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Living as God

Healing the Separation

By (author) P. Raymond Stewart
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Namaste Publishing Inc., Vancouver, Canada
Published: 15th Feb 2005
Dimensions: w 150mm h 210mm
ISBN-10: 0973651202
ISBN-13: 9780973651201
Barcode No: 9780973651201
Invites you to experience the mystical unity of all life. This book encourages you to make nothing short of an evolutionary leap in consciousness: from seeing God as "out there" and separate from you to seeing God as right here, right now - as your self.

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Healing the Separation. A profound & beautiful reminder of our spiritual union with the divine in the form of a modern-day sacred text. Associate Reviewer Rev. Marie Jones writes: Living As God: Healing the Separation is one of those rare spiritual books that contains such profound truths, that it can truly be called a modern sacred text. Author P. Raymond Stewart is, according to the book jacket, a pseudonym for the real author, said to be all of us as the collective whole. Whoever is responsible for this moving book, he/she is a writer with the extraordinary ability to present ancient wisdom in a clear & effortless manner. The focus of the book is to remind us of who we are, where we came from, & to what we will return -- namely, the divine, & that our growing awareness of our connection to the divine, & to one another, is what will ultimately bring us back to the Source, & thus end all violence, hatred & despair. Living As God does not so much try to teach actual tips & techniques for awakening to inner divinity, but rather it gently takes us on an inner journey of remembrance that urges us to just be, rather than to try to do. As the author states so beautifully on page 69, "We are all different beams of the same light", & this understanding of our unity with the Collective Soul & Mind is the crux of re-connecting to the source of all that is, & all that we are. This Source, & our connection to it, is the only thing that can truly bring us happiness, prosperity purpose, despite our constantly seeking for these things outside of ourselves. Each chapter is like a brief essay, filled with lovely & inspiring language, almost poetic in content, that serves to bring us back into the flow of being in touch with our Self & turning away from the smaller self of the ego. Reading Living As God, one almost feels as though they are in the presence of a great master, for the author really has a way with words & presenting spiritual ideas, a way that evokes a feeling of possibility, wonder & awe. We can all collectively hope that another book is in the works, for the world could use all the healing it can get right now. Living As God is all about being in the "right here, right now", where life's real blessings exist, despite our obsession with the past & the future. & it is about coming back home to who we are & our unity with everything else around us, all of it equally divine. This is not a "how-to" self-help book, but rather a guidebook to the truths that already exist buried deep within each of us, just waiting to be rediscovered. (06/19/05) There are so many new books on "spirituality," so to say. And none of them say anything new. "Living as God" says more than all of them put together. When you finish you say to yourself "I don't need to find God out there as most of these other books say .After reading even the first couple of chapters you will say, I've found God." Where is she? Where is he? Stop and look in the mirror. There you are. There God is. And don't you feel it? Can't you feel it? It's there and your life can now be opened and changed. Stop looking out there. You've got it all. You've got God inside. Use him! Use her! Use IT! Starting "Living as God." Why shouldn't you? Rev. Richard Drasen Palm Springs Church for Today I have been a student of the "Course in Miracles" for over twenty years and in that time I have never read a better manual for implementing the insights the course presents. Since I got this book I have used different insights in my own teaching of it always to rave reviews by my students. I would recommend it as a how to manual for anyone wanting to "realize " their GOD nature in daily living Rev Toni Hegge, Founding Pastor Centre for Spiritual Enrichment of Calgary Mail: Suite 1025, 246 Stewart Green SW Calgary, AB T3H 3C8 Office: Suite 202, 1615 10th Ave SW Calgary, AB T3C 0J7 403-815-2899 Fax 403-202-2474 Living as God comes right out and addresses our relationship with God as it is. The phrases are simple and yet life altering in their profoundness. I find the book to be very uplifting when I get into a bit of a spiritual bind. The counsel is so relevant today. Dr. Vern Martin Senior Minister, Center of Awakening Parker, CO. Living as God - the Divine Book Review by C. Bailey-Lloyd From an esoteric invitation, Namaste Publishing presented me with P. Raymond Stewart's "Living as God - Healing the Separation." Unveiling the mysteries surrounding the great "I Am," Living as God is the quintessential resource for the soul searcher and curious minds alike. Opening the heart and mind, this metaphysical novel adds fresh dimension towards uncovering hidden knowledge to the ancient, illusive question: "Who is God?" A divine comparison liken to the Tree of Life and its intricate and ever-expanding branches, Living as God redefines the sacred realm of spirituality and offers impromptu revelation of spellbinding enlightenment. After meticulously reading Stewart's original book, I felt an overwhelming sense of philosophical awareness and total inner peace. Living as God is the culmination of divine intervention and candid, human introspect. I recommend Living as God to those who have reached a spiritual plateau in their lives...and to those who seek clarity and compelling understanding of God's true essence. Living as God is certain in becoming a classic addition to any literary enthusiast's collection. To find out more about P. Raymond Stewart, or how to obtain your copy of Living as God - Healing the Separation, visit P. Raymond Stewart Speaks today. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (c) 2005 - Living as God - the Divine Book Review by C. Bailey-Lloyd aka. Lady Camelot Public Relations Director & Writer This is Doug Cristafir in Spokane sent me a copy of 'Living as God' . Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful book. I have read it once through and then parts a second time. I love the simplicity of it. The way it brings together all of the concepts of spirituality and clearly identifies that what we are all really doing is finding our way back to the source. And then says in many ways what that looks like. I will talk to Karen in our book store about ordering some copies. Blessings, Doug Living As God - Healing the Separation by P. Raymond Stewart By Cheryl Shainmark Email this article Printer friendly page The spiritual guide and author that uses the pseudonym P. Raymond Stewart has been quietly bringing light to this world in his own way for many years. He experienced a profound awakening and transformation while traveling alone through the US when he was 18 years old. Realizing the essential oneness of all life, he returned home, gave away all that he owned and lived contentedly as a hermit for some years as he integrated this new sense of Self and reality. His life changed once again when he met his future wife. The writings that eventually became the book Living As God emerged as he began sharing this ever deepening sense of unity with those around him. He is available for lectures, meditations, workshops, retreats, and personal counseling sessions internationally. Jul 14, 2005 Like many of life's pleasures, or soul-defining moments, this beautiful book is deceptively simple - but it packs a powerful message. Unlike other books that aim for a "return to God," as if one or the other of us has lost sight of the path, this book reminds us that God is all around us, right now - it is merely a question of remembering our connection. In fact, as the author, P. Raymond Stewart reminds us - We are God. We've come a long way since the 1980's when Shirley McLaine went Out on a Limb on national TV to say the words out loud, "I am God." And even she had trouble saying that. Since then many others in the vanguard of spiritual questing have been bringing back the same message from the frontlines: we are energy, we are creators, we are responsible for what happens in our lives, we are healers, we are capable of miracles - in short, we are gods. Stewart makes the case wonderfully that we are finally ready to embrace this message on a collective level, indeed that we have manifested this book because we are ready for the next evolutionary leap in consciousness. But first comes remembering - healing the separation ... The author goes point by point through the various perceptions, beliefs and attitudes that we may have to get beyond in order to heal. This may involve shedding old cultural notions of God as judge, or as a "source of doling out good things." Or, it may require owning the dark impulses, the "shadow" side of humanity. It almost certainly involves some death of the ego. In this, the author shows humor, humility, and a deft hand, reminiscent of Jon Kabat-Zinn in Wherever You Go There You Are, at highlighting the sheer silliness of our egos and how tightly we cling to our self-aggrandizing beliefs. However, Stewart believes that we are ready for this letting go, that enough people desire this transformation now, so that we have reached a tipping point in the collective conscious where we can return to an acceptance of our true nature. The most beautiful and moving parts of this book are when the author is reminding us of the ineffable nature of God and his belief that when this Source wants to know itself better, it does so through us. Ergo, God is present as us and to know ourselves is to know God. Stewart calls for a return to the feeling of God, a felt realization that may begin by saying the words,"I am God." Or it may begin, as the author suggests, by feeling God as a single field of consciousness with many points of experience, meaning each one of us. He's right that it's a great way to deflate the ego - it's difficult to feel either superior or inferior to anyone else if we are all rays off that one great sun. If all this sounds too deep or too complex - this is where the "deceptively simple" part comes in. Stewart has managed to put all this, and more, in a book that is as readable as a child's bedtime story. Living As God has a rhythm and pace to it that flows like a clear stream. In fact, it would be easy to sail through this book in one quick read -- but that would be a mistake. The author makes as much use of pauses and blank space as he does of actual words, and that is the reader's cue to take one's time to savor the message - feel it, as the author would say. Read a few pages and mull on it, or take a walk around the block - this book rewards as handsomely the time taken to pause as the time taken to read. If P. Raymond Stewart is correct that we, as a collective, have manifested this book - (and the author feels strongly enough about this point that he says that his name is a pseudonym, because it doesn't matter who the author is) - then it is tempting to ask "Why?" or "Why now?" The answer may be that we are finally ready to take responsibility for our energy, our intention, and what exactly we are doing with it. As the author says, if we want to make the changes that we desire in this world, then we need to remember our connection and our responsibility. On the one hand, if we are God then there is no blaming anyone else for the world that we are manifesting right now, and that may seem grim, or daunting. On the other hand, if we are truly at a tipping point, at a time of transformation, then faith and hope become stronger that we can create the world differently. Living As God - Healing the Separation makes it that simple, and that powerful.