• Henry, Henry (Paperback)
    A brilliantly conceived, wild and thought-provoking tale ...
    From £4.72
    Save £2.27
  • Time Knot (Paperback)
    Teenager Rhory is thrown into a mission through the ages....
    From £7.47
    Save £2.52
  • A riveting novel that toys with the conventions of detect...
    From £7.01
    Save £4.98
  • The Invisible Hand (Paperback)
    Based around Macbeth, first of a series called Shakespear...
    From £4.72
    Save £2.27
  • Because I Had to (Paperback)
    With finely drawn characters, takes the reader inside the...
    From £7.03
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  • Tramp Life (Paperback)
    When Pearly James flees her miserable everyday life, she ...
    From £4.69
    Save £2.30
  • It's what's inside that counts ... or maybe that's bullshit?
    From £6.58
    Save £4.41
  • The Keller Papers (Paperback)
    A Cold War espionage thriller, with a generational backgr...
    From £8.87
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  • The Little Wagons (Paperback)
    Cosa Nostra was born a bastard.
    From £7.95
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  • Bullet Gal (Paperback)
    Teenager Mitzi hits Heropa with 9mm pistols blazing - tar...
    From £6.12
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  • When time-traveling gamer, Max, returns to medieval Germa...
    From £5.17
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  • A sixth volume of stories about Philip Rawley, the treatm...
    From £11.20
    Save £9.79
  • Malaren (Paperback)
    Alan Harrison is mourning the death of his wife.
    From £7.03
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  • The Visitor (Paperback)
    Satan, in the form of a bewildered and naked Old Man, arr...
    From £4.72
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  • With the Great Mother Tree dying in the Shining Land, ele...
    From £4.72
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  • The Machine Society (Paperback)
    In post-apocalyptic London, there's the monotony of life ...
    From £6.58
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  • Dangerous Pilgrims (Paperback)
    Political and literary thriller set in 1980s Guatemala.
    From £7.95
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  • The Worst Generation (Paperback)
    The legacy of the Baby Boomers.
    From £7.49
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