• Facies (Paperback)
    Facies refers to the ability of architecture to enable by...
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  • Ideas and the Matter (Paperback)
    A study on the evolution of the relationship between scie...
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  • he essays in this book are a multi-identitarian collectio...
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  • The first publication to focus on what working from life ...
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  • The third edition of "Gambero Rosso's Top Italian Food & ...
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  • Italian Wines (Paperback)
    The most authoritative annual guide to the very best Ital...
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  • 1990s Jewellery (Hardback)
    Complete documentation of the "Design Workshop Schmuck" i...
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  • No other book exists to rival the continuing importance a...
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  • On the Move (Hardback)
    A highly entertaining memoir from former Christie's chair...
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  • Kolkata Calcutta (Hardback)
    Kolkata, the "City of Joy", is a city that never ceases t...
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  • Life Among Fishes (Hardback)
    A Life Among Fishes explores the life long passion of fis...
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  • Ebbe Weiss-Weingart (Hardback)
    Photographs from private archives provide a new perspecti...
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  • Dreher Carvings (Hardback)
    Features the carvings of master engravers Gerd and Patric...
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  • Paris (Hardback)
    Paris - like you have never seen it before - through the ...
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  • The Albertina Museum (Paperback)
    An illustrated selection of highlights from The Albertina...
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  • The first comprehensive examination of the Italian, Spani...
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  • Explores how women influenced interior design in the latt...
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  • Esposito Javet (Paperback)
    This book takes a closer look at the career highlights of...
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