• Private detective Viktor Karppa has an orderly life, and ...
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  • Breaking Knees (Paperback)
    Wry, satirical and bawdy, Tamer's stories are always info...
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  • Don't Panic! (Paperback)
    The entity known (in one of many variants) as the Islamic...
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  • Leonid, a hard-luck lorry driver who lives with his ravin...
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  • The Black Coat (Paperback)
    In the aftermath of Bangladesh's bloody war of independen...
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  • The Eye of the Day (Paperback)
    It begins with an explosion.
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  • Long Time No See (Paperback)
    Hannah Lowe's father "Chick", a half-Chinese, half-black ...
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  • The Druze (Hardback)
    The Druze, a much-misunderstood Muslim sect primarily inh...
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  • The Great Below (Paperback)
    Maddy's husband, the poet Michael Donaghy, died suddenly ...
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  • Sins & Innocents (Paperback)
    Two young people from foreign lands meet in a shop in Cam...
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  • Madmen at the Helm (Paperback)
    Are dictators mad, or are they smart people who don't kno...
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  • The Last Chapter (Paperback)
    Youssef, Vaqar's eldest son, died in the same house he wa...
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  • This collection of essays by leading academics offers an ...
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  • A Land without Jasmine is a sexy, satirical detective sto...
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  • The Almond Tree (Paperback)
    This beautifully written and compelling novel is a tale o...
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  • Early Arabic Poetry (Hardback)
    This new edition of Early Arabic Poetry combines the two ...
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  • Beyond Belief (Paperback)
    Starting from a neutral position, this book looks at clai...
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  • North Korea's early years witnessed unimaginable turbulen...
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