• Private detective Viktor Karppa has an orderly life, and ...
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  • Don't Panic! H/C (Hardback)
    The entity known (in one of many variants) as the Islamic...
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  • Leonid, a hard-luck lorry driver who lives with his ravin...
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  • Eye of the Day (Paperback)
    It begins with an explosion.
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  • The Great Below (Paperback)
    Maddy's husband, the poet Michael Donaghy, died suddenly ...
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  • Sins & Innocents (Paperback)
    Two young people from foreign lands meet in a shop in Cam...
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  • Prophet Muhammad (Paperback)
    This important book is a biographical account of Prophet ...
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  • The Last Chapter (Paperback)
    Youssef, Vaqar's eldest son, died in the same house he wa...
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  • The Almond Tree (Paperback)
    This beautifully written and compelling novel is a tale o...
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  • Attempts to make a connection between the economic system...
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  • Iran's Foreign Policy (Paperback)
    This timely collection of papers by leading academics and...
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  • Early Arabic Poetry (Hardback)
    This new edition of Early Arabic Poetry combines the two ...
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  • The Eye of the Mirror (Paperback)
    Taken from the quiet sanctuary of a convent school, where...
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  • The author provides a commentary on the experiences of th...
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  • Simply Lebanese (Hardback)
    Ina'am Atalla brings us the exotic flavours and colours o...
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  • Written by a foreign correspondent resident in Morocco si...
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  • Petra (Paperback)
    The ancient city of Petra, one of the world's most specta...
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  • This book is a collection of papers from the Giorgio Levi...
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