• Looking to London (Paperback)
    A journey through five London boroughs, revealing the liv...
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  • In Their Place (Paperback)
    A radical geography of the representation of impoverished...
    From £12.83
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  • Art and Production (Paperback)
    A classic of Russian avant-garde writing, focusing on the...
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  • Private Oceans (Paperback)
    An anthropological study of the privatisation and politic...
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  • A sharp analysis of the nature of work under late capital...
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  • A balanced and accessible introduction to the Palestine-I...
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  • Space Invaders (Paperback)
    A history of global protests and social movements from th...
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  • A history of Italian workerist theory, taking in Antonio ...
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  • Unreal Objects (Paperback)
    Unpacks the political economy of new science and technolo...
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  • Rubbish Theory (Paperback)
    How do objects that have lost their value become valuable...
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  • Double Crossed (Paperback)
    Reveals how governments and the wider establishment copy ...
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  • Balfour's Shadow (Paperback)
    The story of the rhetorical and practical assistance that...
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  • What is Islamophobia? (Paperback)
    Reveals the endemic nature of Islamophobia in the West ac...
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  • A new edition of a classic history of the Bolsheviks whic...
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  • Explores the different facets of how austerity in Britain...
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  • Toussaint Louverture (Paperback)
    Biography of the anti-imperialist fighter and slave liber...
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  • What is Anthropology? (Paperback)
    A new edition of the classic anthropology textbook which ...
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  • Do I Belong? (Paperback)
    A collection of original essays by novelists, journalists...
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