• Told for the first time in English, Paul Preston's new bo...
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  • War (Paperback)
    The object of this book is to introduce readers to a whol...
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  • Game of Spies (Hardback)
    Spies, bed-hopping, treachery and executions - this story...
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  • One Shot, One Kill (Paperback)
    A cultural and military history of the sniper since 1643,...
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  • (Previously published as `After the Flood')Former RAF Tor...
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  • The Secret War (Paperback)
    `As gripping as any spy thriller, Hastings's achievement ...
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  • The Lost Tommies (Hardback)
    `Lost Tommies' brings together stunning never-before-seen...
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  • Our Land at War (Paperback)
    A rich account of the impact of the Second World War on t...
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  • Witnessing Waterloo (Paperback)
    [Previously published as `Went The Day Well']`Of all the ...
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  • ISIS (Paperback)
    The first major book on ISIS to be published since the gr...
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  • Commandos (Paperback)
    The definitive and thrilling history of those who wore th...
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