• A Monster by Violet (Paperback)
    Twenty one year old Violet Kale is wasting her life - she...
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  • All The Places I've Ever Lived takes you on a journey fro...
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  • The Gift Maker (Paperback)
    'Gifts ought to be free, but they never are.
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  • A Filthy Habit (Hardback)
    Fergus Linnane shares a wealth of bizarre, entertaining a...
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  • Reissued for the 2016 Quatercentenary of Shakespeare's de...
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  • Decadence (Hardback)
    A well-rounded and distinctive introduction to the best o...
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  • Deg (Hardback)
    Ira Jones, family man and cannabis cultivator, has decide...
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  • The Cursing Stone (Paperback)
    This modern quest is a story of courage, duty and revenge...
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  • Charles Dickens (Hardback)
    Jenny Hartley introduces Charles Dickens's life and works...
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  • Out Damned Spot! (Paperback)
    A serial killer is leaving a rather horrible trail of mes...
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  • This account of the 1623 edition of Shakespeare's collect...
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  • Stone Seeds (Paperback)
    STONE SEEDS is a beautifully crafted dystopian action thr...
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  • Frank Gresham needs to marry for money if he is to save h...
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    A lively and readable literary biography of a remarkable ...
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    First published in the acclaimed Oxford Authors series, t...
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    The third and final volume of A.
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