• New Art, New Markets (Paperback / softback)
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  • There is currently an explosion of museum and heritage ac...
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  • Bringing together over 170 images taken from the artist's...
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  • A Mary Newcomb (Hardback)
    This beautiful new book, compiled by the artist's daughte...
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  • Etel Adnan (Hardback)
    Etel Adnan (b.1925) is a Lebanese-American poet, essayist...
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  • Street to Studio (Hardback)
    For fifty years, graffiti and street art have been challe...
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  • Lee Miller (1907-1977) moved to London in the late 1930s,...
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  • Alison Wilding (Hardback)
    Drawing on extensive interviews with the artist and refer...
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  • This book provides, for the first time, a visual document...
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  • Kyffin Williams (Hardback)
    In Kyffin Williams' centenary year, this monograph examin...
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  • Gold Coast (Hardback)
    The Gold Coast is Australia's most rapidly changing city ...
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  • Philip Taaffe (Hardback)
    This book presents a comprehensive view of the work of Am...
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  • Sharing Images (Hardback)
    Sharing Images provides a comprehensive introduction to h...
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  • Paul Feiler (Hardback)
    the cliffs and inlets of the coast of south-west Cornwall.
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  • Plundering Beauty (Hardback)
    Arthur Tompkins presents examples of art crimes from wars...
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  • Enid Marx (Hardback)
    This volume adds considerably to the existing body of kno...
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  • In Ruskin's Venice: The Stones Revisited, newly published...
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  • As an architect, Thomas Hardy is known only for his red-b...
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