• Fayke Newes (Paperback)
    When social media has put mass communication in the hands...
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  • Comparing Robin Knox-Johnston's and Ellen MacArthur's fa...
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  • The first full biography of one of the Second World War's...
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  • Emily Bronte (Hardback)
    A new life of Wuthering Heights author Emily Bronte told ...
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  • The remarkable story of Ivor Montagu, and of left-wing po...
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  • Conqueror's Son (Paperback)
    Paperback edition of the first biography of a long-forgot...
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  • Paperback edition of the first biography of Doris Delevin...
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  • Me and Mr Welles (Paperback)
    A unique memoir featuring one of the most legendary Holly...
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  • Ironside (Hardback)
    From spying in the Boer War through brigade command in th...
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  • James I (Paperback)
    Paperback edition of a compelling popular biography of En...
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  • Standing in the Wings is an account of The Beatles' rise ...
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  • Union Jack (Hardback)
    Timely exploration of an iconic US president's close rela...
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  • Raymond Asquith (Paperback)
    A long-anticipated reissue of the letters of one of the m...
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  • Odette (Paperback)
    A revealing new biography of SOE operative Odette Sansom,...
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  • Blade Runners, Deer Hunters & Blowing the Bloody Doors Of...
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  • A new biography of one of the most influential female sci...
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  • The Last Heroes (Hardback)
    The Second World War is famed for being the conflict that...
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    This book explores an England in the aftermath of Magna C...
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