• Censored (Hardback)
    The list of books suppressed in the English language feat...
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  • This book takes a global perspective, tracing the develop...
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  • This handbook of physical fitness from the Edwardian age ...
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  • Sumptuously illustrated with eighty maps from the British...
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  • Seven Dead (Paperback)
    While hunting for silverware to steal, amateur thief Ted ...
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  • This anthology introduces a selection of stories from the...
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  • Picturing India (Hardback)
    This book draws on the unrivalled riches of the British L...
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  • The End of the Web (Paperback)
    Leo Selver, a middle-aged antiques dealer, is stunned whe...
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  • Death Makes a Prophet (Paperback)
    'Small hostilities were growing; vague jealousies were ga...
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  • Written by award-winning crime writer and president of th...
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  • Continental Crimes (Paperback)
    Detective stories from the golden age and beyond have use...
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  • Revolutions (Hardback)
    A fact-filled introduction to philosophical, spiritual an...
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  • Tudor Monarchs (Hardback)
    This book contains the most significant examples, paired ...
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  • The Incredible Crime (Paperback)
    Another in the Crime Classics series.
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  • This revised and updated book traces the history of chart...
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  • Russian Revolution (Hardback)
    This book accompanies a major exhibition that re-examines...
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  • Out of the Deep (Paperback)
    Like all the best ghost stories, these haunting tales off...
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  • Miraculous Mysteries (Paperback)
    Together these stories demonstrate the range and high acc...
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