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  • Blended Learning (Paperback)
    'Blended learning,' is a buzz phrase in the world of trai...
    From £14.65
    Save £5.34
  • Modern PA includes working with other policy-making bodie...
    From £14.65
    Save £5.34
  • Reveals the unique Method 123 Project Management Methodol...
    From £21.13
    Save £8.86
  • Enterprising individuals and business managers often feel...
    From £7.65
    Save £5.34
  • Ultimate IQ Tests (Paperback)
    IQ tests are increasingly encountered in recruitment for ...
    From £8.60
    Save £6.39
  • Shopper Marketing (Hardback)
    The aim of shopper marketing is to convert browsing shopp...
    From £20.13
    Save £9.86
  • Designed for a wide management audience, this title provi...
    From £22.38
    Save £7.61
  • Uncommon Leadership (Paperback)
    Leaders are expected to show the way forward, especially ...
    From £14.65
    Save £5.34
  • Showcases the inspiring commitment to inclusion the Londo...
    From £17.76
    Save £2.23

Food & Drink, Craft and Home Style - beautiful gift books from Ryland Peters & Small

Learning with a Critical Edge

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  • Bring the Noise (Paperback)
    From Morrissey and Nick Cave to The Streets and Kanye Wes...
    From £10.11
    Save £6.88
  • The Dark Stuff (Paperback)
    Profiles twenty-two of the most gifted and self-destructi...
    From £7.51
    Save £3.48
  • Apathy for the Devil (Paperback)
    As a 20-something college dropout Nick Kent's first five ...
    From £6.64
    Save £2.35
  • A biography of one of the most loved and iconoclastic Bri...
    From £18.91
    Save £11.09
  • A collection of lyrics and commentary by Jarvis Cocker, o...
    From £7.95
    Save £7.04
  • Future Days (Paperback)
    West Germany after the Second World War was a country in ...
    From £14.21
    Save £5.79
  • Girl in a Band (Paperback)
    There are few artists who inspire such reverence as the a...
    From £7.95
    Save £7.04

Timber Press - Great Gardening

  • North America's eastern half, roughly from the Midwest to...
    From £30.49
    Save £4.51
  • In 1818, William Cattley succeeded in flowering one of th...
    From £27.47
    Save £7.53
  • Hebes (Hardback)
    The genus Hebe is a treasure trove of more than 100 speci...
  • Can beer make plants grow?
    From £4.85
    Save £2.14
  • This encyclopedia is the most comprehensive single-volume...
    From £17.52
    Save £12.48
  • This highly researched volume includes valuable professio...
    From £21.69
    Save £8.31
  • The Edible Front Yard (Paperback)
    Imagine being able to walk out your front door to a trell...
    From £12.79
    Save £2.20
  • Plantiful (Paperback)
    Some of the best plants in life are free!
    From £8.76
    Save £6.23

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