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Calendars & Diaries - Last Chance Sale - 2018

The History Press: Celebrating 100 Years of the RAF

  • The Spitfire Story (Hardback)
    Probably the most famous fighter aircraft of all time, th...
    From £5.26
    Save £4.73
  • Marking the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, th...
    From £7.18
    Save £7.81
  • From the Smuts Report to a remotely piloted air system vi...
    From £10.37
    Save £9.63
  • More Testing Times (Paperback)
    Following his first three successful books, describing hi...
    From £7.18
    Save £7.81
  • A gripping account of Bomber Command's actions during the...
  • The Hunter Story (Hardback)
    One of the world's greatest aircraft, for three decades p...
    From £4.88
    Save £4.11
  • Forming the Pathfinders
    From £7.18
    Save £7.81
  • The Harrier Story (Mixed media product)
    The jump jet was the first vertical/short takeoff and lan...
    From £9.08
    Save £5.91
  • In August 1942, British launched Operation Pedestal in an...
    From £9.07
    Save £10.93

The BOOKS etc. Club

  • Night Sounds (Board book)
    Discover the magic of the night in this enchanting sound ...
    From £7.13
    Save £5.86
  • Running Science (Hardback)
    Running Science uncovers the fundamental science that und...
    From £12.13
    Save £7.87
  • Road School (Paperback)
    Frustrated by a regime of statutory testing, and keen for...
    From £4.73
    Save £5.26
  • Ada Lovelace (Hardback)
    Meet Ada Lovelace, the British mathematician and daughter...
    From £5.61
    Save £4.38
  • The history of Britain, presented as you've never seen it...
    From £5.82
    Save £4.17
  • The Mensa Quiz Book (Paperback)
    Every year, Mensa hosts the Brain of Mensa event - a grue...
    From £8.42
    Save £4.57
  • Towards the end of John Buchan's last novel Sick Heart Ri...
    From £7.82
    Save £5.17
  • From £4.07
    Save £3.92
  • Hot Drinks (Hardback)
    From warming hot chocolates and comforting milky nightcap...
    From £4.51
    Save £3.48

F&W Media: Arts, Crafts, Hobbies & More

Education, NLP, Coaching, Hypnotherapy & Self Help, from Crown House

Expert Books on Plants and Gardening from Filbert Press

World Renowned Publisher of Definitive Books on Antiques & Decorative Arts

Harper Voyager

  • Exile's Return (3) (Paperback)
    The penultimate volume in The Conclave of Shadows from wo...
    From £6.84
    Save £2.15
  • The Giants' Dance (Paperback)
    A rich and evocative tale set in a mythic 15th century Br...
    From £9.28
    Save £5.71
  • Magician's End (3) (Paperback)
    Discover the fate of the original black Magician, Pug, as...
    From £7.13
    Save £2.86
  • Commissioned by George R.R.
    From £5.39
    Save £3.60
  • Prelude to Foundation (Paperback)
    The Foundation series is Isaac Asimov's iconic ...
    From £6.68
    Save £2.31
  • HBO's hit series A GAME OF THRONES is based on George R.R.
    From £7.13
    Save £2.86
  • A Secret Vice (Hardback)
    First ever critical study of Tolkien's little-known essay...
    From £8.85
    Save £8.14
  • In the most exciting SF collaboration ever, Arthur C.
    From £7.56
    Save £3.43
  • 3001 (Paperback)
    When Frank Poole, whose body has been frozen in deep spac...
    From £5.39
    Save £3.60

William Collins

  • Witnessing Waterloo (Paperback)
    [Previously published as `Went The Day Well']`Of all the ...
    From £5.82
    Save £4.17
  • Protestants (Hardback)
    On the 500th anniversary of Luther's rebellion, this spec...
    From £13.64
    Save £11.36
  • ISIS (Paperback)
    The first major book on ISIS to be published since the gr...
    From £7.13
    Save £2.86
  • Science (Hardback)
    A history of science distilled into 100 notable experimen...
    From £13.64
    Save £11.36
  • Told for the first time in English, Paul Preston's new bo...
    From £8.42
    Save £4.57
  • Ingredient (Hardback)
    There are ingredients, and then there are Ingredients.
    From £13.64
    Save £11.36
  • The Otters' Tale (Hardback)
    Shortlisted for THE WAINWRIGHT PRIZE 2017 `The ...
    From £10.15
    Save £6.84
  • Nujeen (Hardback)
    `She is our hero.
    From £10.15
    Save £6.84
  • Full Steam Ahead (Hardback)
    The Age of Railways was an era of extraordinary change wh...
    From £13.64
    Save £11.36

Hodder Education Sale

Avery Hill


  • A stunning second collection from an award-winning poet
    From £6.37
    Save £3.62
  • Hood Rat (Paperback)
    From £6.85
    Save £4.14
  • The Cloud Corporation (Paperback)
    A powerful and highly anticipated new collection from a y...
    From £6.37
    Save £3.62
  • Land's Edge (Paperback)
    Tim Winton's homage to the ocean and his childhood is a m...
    From £5.88
    Save £3.11
  • Tigers in Red Weather (Paperback)
    The SUNDAY TIMES TOP 10 BEST-SELLER, for fans of F.
    From £6.68
    Save £1.31
  • Before the Fire (Paperback)
    The stunning and timely new novel from Sarah Butler, auth...
    From £5.39
    Save £2.60
  • Hill of Doors (Paperback)
    A brilliant new collection from the Forward Prize winning...
    From £6.37
    Save £3.62
  • Perfect Little World (Paperback)
    From the author of the New York Times bestseller The Fami...
    From £5.88
    Save £3.11
  • The often hilarious, at times horrifying and occasionally...
    From £11.09
    Save £5.90

Lotus Publishing

Pitch Publishing

Urbane Publications

  • Blood of the Rose (Paperback)
    Police are baffled by a series of vicious murders, the on...
    From £5.82
    Save £1.17
  • The Angolan Clan (1) (Paperback)
    The Angolan Clan takes the reader on a terrifying roller ...
    From £4.51
    Save £2.48
  • Mote (Paperback)
    When you learn how to mote you open up the pathways to bu...
    From £7.13
    Save £5.86
  • The Brain Always Wins (Paperback)
    The Brain Always Wins is the practical guide to improving...
    From £9.33
    Save £3.66
  • Leaves (Paperback)
    As the leaves turn from vibrant green to vivid gold, so l...
    From £5.39
    Save £3.60
  • Blind Justice (Paperback)
    The thrilling sequel to Eyes of the Blind, book 2 in the ...
  • Imperfection (Paperback)
    Following a particularly public and gruesome murder on th...
    From £5.39
    Save £3.60
  • The Future Can't Wait (Paperback)
    The Future Can't Wait is a contemporary novel set in mult...
    From £5.39
    Save £3.60
  • Our Food Our Future (3) (Paperback)
    Co-written with Matt Simister, the Head of Europe for Tes...
    From £7.13
    Save £5.86

Dummies: Start Something Great Today!

Photography from Aperture

Arts & Craft Books from Guild of Master Craftsman Publications

Haynes Manuals

Polity Press: Independent Thinking

  • Visions of Infancy (Paperback)
    An introductory text on child psychology discussing diffe...
    From £15.16
    Save £5.83
  • In this book Shepherd and Wicke make a bold and original ...
    From £13.21
    Save £4.78
  • Management (Paperback)
    A provocative and fresh approach to the study of manageme...
    From £14.51
    Save £5.48
  • In Praise of Meekness (Paperback)
    In this important volume, the leading political theorist ...
    From £12.56
    Save £4.43
  • So Close (Paperback)
    In So Close , the internationally renowned writer Helene...
    From £11.25
    Save £3.74
  • * Provides a short and accessible introduction to the fie...
    From £30.92
    Save £14.08
  • Trauma (Paperback)
    This is a new, original social theory of trauma by one of...
    From £12.56
    Save £4.43
  • Scholarship on African American history has changed drama...
    From £11.25
    Save £3.74
  • Meaning in Action (Paperback)
    In this important new book Rein Raud develops an original...
    From £13.21
    Save £4.78

Capstone: Brilliant Business Books

The Man Booker Prize 2018 Longlist

Fiction, Biography, Poetry, History, Sports, Music & more, from Birlinn

  • Famous for a Reason (Hardback)
    The Famous Grouse, created in 1896, is the best selling w...
    From £22.64
    Save £12.36
  • A beautiful facsimile edition of a classic book about Lan...
    From £6.37
    Save £3.62
  • Lost Plymouth (Paperback)
    The first book to look at the lost heritage of Plymouth
    From £7.82
    Save £5.17
  • Jessie's Journey (Paperback)
    Jess Smith lived with her parents and sisters in a Bedfor...
    From £5.88
    Save £3.11
  • Volume 2 in the fascinating history of Hibernian Football...
    From £15.00
    Save £10.00
  • George's memory is inseparable from Orkney, where he was ...
    From £5.39
    Save £2.60
  • Shore to Shore (Paperback)
    Inspired by Struileag (www.struileag.com), a creative, ou...
    From £6.37
    Save £3.62
  • The Thistle is the unlucky local football team of Drumsag...
  • Back to Caledonia (Hardback)
    Academic studies in the field of Scottish diaspora have f...
    From £13.69
    Save £11.31

Roads Publishing: Luxury Books Specialising in Art, Design, Culture and Fashion

Peter Owen Publishers: Independent Publishers Since 1951

SAGE Spring Sale

Springer Yellow Sale - Big Savings - You Do the Math!

Saqi Books: Progressive International Fiction and Non-Fiction

  • Kalakuta Republic (Paperback)
    A collection of poems detailing the harrowing experiences...
    From £5.19
    Save £2.80
  • Based on the twelfth-century Sufi poem, "The Conference o...
    From £11.20
    Save £6.80
  • Parastou Forouhar (Paperback)
    The Iranian artist Parastou Forouhar expresses her reacti...
    From £8.47
    Save £6.52
  • Kahlil Gibran (Paperback)
    Examines Gibran's letters, his publisher's archives and d...
    From £6.15
    Save £3.84
  • The Druze, who can be traced back to eleventh-century Lev...
    From £6.15
    Save £3.84
  • Regardless of social rank and religion, whether Christian...
    From £17.87
    Save £17.13
  • Young Turk (Hardback)
    The cast of characters that populates this novel includes...
    From £9.77
    Save £5.22
  • Teta, Mother and Me (Hardback)
    A memoir which chronicles the histories of three generati...

Fascinating & Beautiful Books from British Library Publishing

  • The Haunted Library (Paperback)
    A new collection of classic ghost stories from the golden...
    From £5.17
    Save £3.82
  • A comprehensive history of horror fiction covering the ti...
    From £11.04
    Save £8.96
  • When the new landlord is stabbed to death in his pub, and...
    From £6.49
    Save £2.50
  • A revealing new book accompanying an innovative exhibitio...
    From £17.64
    Save £7.36
  • A Kind of Anger (Paperback)
    A car hurtles down the driveway of a luxury villa in Swit...
    From £5.17
    Save £3.82
  • The Light of Day (Paperback)
    Arthur Simpson becomes an unwilling member of an armed ga...
    From £6.49
    Save £2.50
  • Two classic cases featuring Detective-Inspector Littlejohn
    From £6.49
    Save £2.50
  • Picturing India (Hardback)
    This book draws on the unrivalled riches of the British L...
    From £15.16
    Save £14.84
  • Medieval Monsters (Hardback)
    Medieval Monsters shows how strange creatures sparked art...
    From £5.61
    Save £4.39

A collection of beautiful books on a variety of artists and artistic subjects, brought to you from the Royal Academy

  • Richard Rogers (Hardback)
    Richard Rogers is one of the worlds most distinguished ar...
    From £11.67
    Save £8.28
  • Genius and Ambition (Paperback)
    Founded in 1768 by a group of painters, sculptors and arc...
    From £25.85
    Save £19.15
  • Stanley Anderson (Hardback)
    Despite living through some of the most dramatic changes ...
    From £18.14
    Save £11.86
  • Timothy Hyman (Hardback)
    Inspired by a passionate belief in the healing and uplift...
    From £10.12
    Save £6.83
  • Renowned during the eighteenth century for his exquisite ...
    From £30.74
    Save £4.26
  • Within Europe the Impressionists were among the first to ...
  • Barbara Rae (Paperback)
    Barbara Rae cbe ra is renowned for her vivid, expressioni...
  • The author has long been fascinated by the relationships ...
  • Ai Weiwei (Paperback)
    Despite being one of the most significant cultural figure...
    From £17.12
    Save £10.88

Mills & Boon

AA Books

Children's Books, from Quarto

White Ladder: Providing Parents with Family Health & Parenting Advice

Time Out: Worldwide guide to art and entertainment, food and drink, film, travel and more

Palgrave Study Skills: Be the best student you can be.

Princeton University Press: Bringing Scholarly Ideas to the World.

The UK’s Largest Local & Specialist History Publisher

2018 CILIP Carnegie & Greenaway Shortlist

  • Beyond the Bright Sea (Paperback)
    Wolk is a big new talent' - The TimesCrow has lived her w...
    From £5.44
    Save £1.55
  • Release (Hardback)
    A startling and tender novel about how to let yourself lo...
    From £8.42
    Save £4.57
  • King of the Sky (Hardback)
    A powerful and beautifully illustrated story about migrat...
    From £10.88
    Save £2.11
  • A dazzling collection of poems by Nicola Davies, featurin...
    From £9.28
    Save £5.71
  • Saint Death (Paperback)
    A potent, powerful and timely thriller about migrants, dr...
  • Night Shift (Hardback)
    Drawn from Debi's own experiences and with a moving testi...
    From £6.37
    Save £3.62
  • Father John controls everything inside The Fence.
    From £6.68
    Save £2.31
  • Rook (Paperback)
    A poignant, beautifully written novella about growing up ...
    From £5.65
    Save £2.34
  • Under the Same Sky (Hardback)
    Celebrate the closeness of the world's community with thi...
    From £8.12
    Save £2.87

Wooden Books

Women's Prize for Fiction 2018 Longlist

Maps & Travel Guides from Marco Polo

Food & Drink, Craft & Home Style: Beautiful Gift Books from Ryland Peters & Small

Military History, Art, Sport & More, from Casemate

Mind, Body & Spirit from Singing Dragon

The Latest Military Releases from Osprey Publishing