Mindful Crochet

It’s no surprise that craft and mindfulness go hand-in-hand – repetition, texture and colour are the perfect tools to help you relax and refocus. If you fancy trying Mindful Crochet, then enter our giveaway for the chance to win a copy of Emma Leith’s inspiring book.

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Mindful Crochet
35 Creative and Colourful Projects to Help You be in the Moment, Relieve Stress and Manage Pain
By Emma Leith

The 35 patterns in Mindful Crochet include specially designed elements of repetition, colour and texture, which will help you relax, refocus and unwind. Anyone who’s ever tried to master a new stitch or work out which granny squares should go where on a blanket will appreciate how crochet can totally engage your attention and harness your creativity.

Being “in the moment” is an essential part of following a pattern, keeping your yarn on the hook, counting stitches and remembering which colour to use next. Emma Leith shows how these qualities can become a form of mindfulness practice, bringing you peace, calm and a greater sense of well-being. There are projects you can make for yourself or your home, and others designed to be given as gifts. The satisfaction you’ll get from creating these lovely makes and seeing others appreciate them is another important way in which crochet can encourage a positive outlook and bring happiness.
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