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Tales from the Trails- Runners’ Stories that Inspire & Transform

Tales from the Trails is a must-read for runners of all types from the casual to the marathoner and is a much-needed reminder to run past the finish line, whether it to be toward love, self-realization, or life. We’re giving away 3 copies of this book courtesy of our friends at ACC Art Books.

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Tales from the Trails
Runners’ Stories that Inspire and Transform
By Michael Clinton



  • Michael Clinton not only travels the world to take photographs that he records in his books, he travels the world – the 7 continents, in fact – to run, and in Tales from the Trails, he explains why we should all do the same
  • Includes contributions from fitness expert Jenny Hadfield and two-time seven continent marathoner Kelly McLay, among others
  • Provides inspiration and motivation from a community of runners and why they run, covering the gamut of emotional to physical rationales

Running: it’s as simple as striding forward just one foot after another, but as author Michael Clinton has learned over more than 40 years as a runner, it s so much more than just exercise. It s a test of physical and mental endurance and a way to connect with the environment, the global community of runners, and, ultimately, yourself.

From the streets of Paris, Buenos Aires, all the way to Sydney, Clinton has gone the distance, never forgetting his running shoes in all of his globetrotting adventures to over 120 countries. In Tales from the Trails, Clinton along with numerous contributors, including George A. Hirsch, chairman of the New York Road Runners and founder of the New York City five-borough marathon, detail inspirational stories of trial, tribulation, and triumph, revealing how running has helped one find love, strengthened a relationship with God, and assisted in overcoming fear and disappointment. Tales from the Trails is a reminder to lace up and hit the trails to run for your life, love, and happiness.

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