Young Scientist Giveaway


Have you got an aspiring young scientist or would you like to encourage your child to discover the wonders of science? Then this fantastic giveaway from our friends at World Scientific will be the perfect set of books to inspire and excite.

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Our lucky winner will be picked on 21st January.  Good luck!




Young Scientists Series, The (In 12 Volumes)
By Nury Vittachi
By Step Cheung

Scientists are often presented as old men in white coats, but this series shows that great discoveries have been made by people of all ages and cultures – some are young people, and many are female.

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If You Had To Draw A Universe For Me… : 50 Questions About The Universe, Matter And Scientists
By Corinne Pralavorio, Marc Goldberg, Michel Spiro, Sandrine Saison-marsollier

What was there before the Big Bang? Are researchers ordinary people just like everyone else? What will physicists do when they’ve discovered what’s inside particles? Do particles grow when we grow? Does space go on forever? What’s inside a black hole?

In 2014, CERN launched an art competition for local primary schools where 50 children were given the opportunity to ask a physicist anything they wanted. The result is a fascinating journey into physics. It is designed to enable primary school teachers and their classes, as well as parents keen to share in their child’s discovery of the world, to discuss these questions and explore the answers together.Through their questions and artwork, the universe unfolds to the most curious among us…

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