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  • Madhur Jaffrey
    Madhur Jaffrey is the queen of curries and the world auth...
    From £19.88
    Save £6.12
  • Jans Ondaatje Rolls
    The Bloomsbury Group fostered a fresh, creative and vital...
    From £16.49
    Save £8.46
  • Kinfolk Volume 10 (Paperback)
    Kinfolk Kinfolk
    Kinfolk is a place to discover new things to cook, make a...
  • The Curry Guy Light (Hardback)
    Dan Toombs
    Lighter, low-carb and low-calorie versions of classic Ind...
    From £8.77
    Save £6.23
  • Modern Sourdough (Hardback)
    Michelle Eshkeri, Patricia...
    A new collection of sweet and savoury sourdough recipes f...
    From £13.72
    Save £8.28
  • Moorish (Hardback)
    Ben Tish
    Fresh, fragrant, fruity, spicy, smoky, sweet, sour, and s...
    From £18.18
    Save £7.82
  • Alana Newhouse
    An intentionally debatable list of the 100 most iconic Je...
    From £10.94
    Save £8.05
  • Emiko Davies
    Comforting recipes from Emiko's Italian family to yours.
    From £14.74
    Save £11.26
  • Copenhagen Food (Hardback)
    Trine Hahnemann
    Food stories and recipes from the happiest city in the world
    From £14.31
    Save £10.69
  • Baladi (Hardback)
    Joudie Kalla
    Following on from her bestselling Palestine on a Plate, J...
    From £19.88
    Save £6.12
  • Shetland (Hardback)
    James Morton, Tom Morton
    The first book to explore the cooking and communities of ...
    From £14.31
    Save £10.69
  • Open Sandwiches (Hardback)
    Trine Hahnemann
    Smorrebrod for every occasion, including basic recipes fo...
    From £7.89
    Save £5.10
  • Catalonia (Hardback)
    Jose Pizarro
    A companion volume to the bestseller Basque, this is the ...
    From £14.31
    Save £10.69
  • JapanEasy (Hardback)
    Tim Anderson
    Easy peasy authentic Japanese dishes for home cooks
    From £13.01
    Save £8.99
  • Made in India (Hardback)
    Meera Sodha
    Real Indian food is fresh, simple and packed with flavour.
  • Emi Kazuko
    A guide that covers various aspects of Japanese cuisine, ...
    From £8.32
    Save £1.67
  • Kaushy Patel
    A vibrant and original vegetarian cookbook that brings au...
    From £20.22
    Save £7.78
  • Le Guide Culinaire (Hardback)
    A. Escoffier, H. L. Crackne...
    The culinary bible that first codified French cuisine no...