• Kurt Schwabe, Jose Albiac...
    Offering a cross-country examination and comparison of dr...
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  • Antarctica (Hardback)
    David W. H. Walton
    Antarctica is central to our understanding of global chan...
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  • John A. Dixon, David E. J...
    Drylands are a sizeable part of the world's potentially a...
    From £31.80
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  • Mike Smith
    This book looks at the deep history of Australia's desert...
    From £67.57
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  • Ground|Water (Hardback)
    Ellen McMahon, Ander Mons...
  • Richard Malloy, John Broc...
    The modern southwestern cities of Phoenix, Tucson, Las Ve...
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  • Deserts (Hardback)
    Chandrakasan Sivaperuman, ...
    Presents research from across the globe in the study of t...
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  • Changing Deserts (Hardback)
    Lisa Mol, Troy Sternberg
    The volume explores the cultures, environments and histor...
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  • Roberto Maglione, James D...
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  • Dryland Climatology (Hardback)
    Sharon E. Nicholson
    This book provides a comprehensive overview of dryland cl...
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  • Deserts and arid lands (1) (Paperback / softback)
    F. El-Baz
    Remote sensing is the study of a region from a distance, ...
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  • Desert Energy (Hardback)
    Alasdair Cameron
    Examines the key technologies being deployed in an effort...
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  • Chuckwalla Land (Hardback)
    David Rains Wallace
    Discusses distinctive corner of California - its desert, ...
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  • Arid Zone Geomorphology (Paperback / softback)
    David S. G. Thomas
    The new edition of Arid Zone Geomorphology aims to enca...
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  • David S. G. Thomas
    The new edition of Arid Zone Geomorphology aims to enca...
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  • Kamal H. Batanouny
    Usually authors write introductions for their books, alth...
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  • Nomadic Desert Birds (Paperback / softback)
    W. Richard J. Dean
    Along the way, we became interested in the marked presenc...
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  • Kathleen A. Galvin, Robin ...
    With detailed data from nine sites around the world, the ...
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