• Giorgos Artopoulos, Monty ...
    Drawing on design, construction and financial histories o...
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  • Santa Monica Pier (Hardback)
    James Harris, Robert Redford
    The Santa Monica Pier in California has summoned the spir...
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  • The Roman Amphitheatre (Paperback / softback)
    Katherine E. Welch
    This is the first book to analyze the evolution of the Ro...
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  • Guide to safety in sports grounds (Paperback / softback)
    Great Britain: Department f...
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  • Stadium Atlas (Hardback)
    Stefan Nixdorf
    This StadiumATLAS is a building-type planning guide for t...
  • Buildings for the Performing Arts (Paperback / softback)
    Ian Appleton
    Suitable for those who are involved in the initiation, pl...
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  • Kai Buchholz
    Investigates the role of art nouveau artists in theatre c...
  • Katherine E. Welch
    This is the first book to analyze the evolution of the Ro...
  • Her Maj (Paperback / softback)
    Peter Freund, Val Sarah
  • New Cathedrals (Hardback)
    Robert Trumpbour
    Stadium construction has altered the physical landscape o...
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  • Anne Watson, Richard Wats...
    Explores the long history of the Sydney Opera House's ges...
  • Ove Arup (Hardback)
    Peter Jones
    A biography of Ove Arup, a leading engineer of the twenti...
  • Wembley (Paperback)
    Glen Isherwood
    The definitive masterwork on what was the world's most fa...
  • Roman Theatres (Hardback)
    Frank Sear
    Offers an account of Roman theatre architecture.
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  • Il Lingotto (Paperback / softback)
    Carlo Olmo, Renzo Piano
  • Hugh Hardy, Stephen A. Kl...
    This new volume in the Building Type Basics series covers...
  • Theaters (Hardback)
    Craig Morrison
    The latest title in the Norton/Library of Congress Visual...
  • Stadien und Arenen (Hardback)
    Volkwin Marg
    For such an amphitheater is built so that the people may ...
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