• Paleo Pasta (Paperback)
    John Chatham
  • Pasta (Paperback / softback)
    the Editors at Giunti Demetra
    Offers everything you could possibly want to know about c...
  • Rita Fasanella
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    The Culinary Institute of A...
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    Kenneth Cardell
  • Mac 365 (Hardback)
    Kenneth Cardell
  • The Art of Pasta (Hardback)
    Lucio Galletto, David Dale
    Lucio's Italian Restaurant in Sydney Australia was establ...
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  • Pasta Artigiana (Hardback)
    Nino Zoccali
    Features delectable pasta recipes from hearty soups to in...
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    The Top One Hundred Pasta Sauces is a classic Italian coo...
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    Academia Barilla, Sara Jen...
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    This book has every recipe you need to create a delicious...
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    Murdoch Books Test Kitchen
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    America's Test Kitchen
  • Making Fresh Pasta (Hardback)
    Aliza Green
    Making Fresh Pasta teaches you how to make your own pasta...
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  • Making Artisan Pasta (Paperback / softback)
    Aliza Green, Steve Legato...
    Learn how to use the best ingredients and simple, classic...
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    Josie Gioe
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  • Mini Cookbook: Pasta & Risotto (Paperback / softback)
    Federico Michieletto
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