• Sophie the Parisian (Hardback)
    N. Peigney
    Dedicated to all women who recognize Frenchwomen as genui...
    From £17.44
    Save £7.56
  • Christian Dior (Paperback / softback)
    Carole Biancalana, Frederi...
    The year 1947 was a crucial one for Christian Dior.
    From £13.56
    Save £8.44
  • Blizzard Cosplay (Hardback)
    Blizzard Entertainment
    The fans of Blizzard Entertainment are some of the most i...
    From £21.31
    Save £10.68
  • The Mustache Bible (Hardback)
    Theodore Beard
    Men - get creative with your razor and fashion yourself a...
    From £7.95
    Save £5.04
  • Dan Jones
    Must-have advice for looking your sharpest
    From £8.44
    Save £4.55
  • Anna Murphy
    Shop better, buy less, and dress to tell the world "this ...
    From £11.52
    Save £5.47
  • Life Honestly (Hardback)
    The Pool
    Refreshing advice, insight and opinion from The Pool (inc...
    From £10.96
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  • Modestly (Hardback)
    Dina Torkia
    "I defy any woman to flick through Modestly, through Dina...
    From £12.89
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  • By Design (Hardback)
    Glenn McKeva Wiggins, Cour...
    From £22.20
    Save £4.79
  • How to Wear Glitter (Hardback)
    Naomi Pike
    Also includes glitter inspiration from the runway to Inst...
    From £7.67
    Save £2.32
  • Vintage Perfumes (Paperback / softback)
    Jan Moran
    From £14.98
  • In Paris (Hardback)
    Jeanne Damas
    The perfect book for anyone who has ever dreamed of livin...
    From £10.81
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  • Skirting Gender (Paperback / softback)
    Vera Wylde, Sarah Brown, ...
    From £11.71
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  • Simple Matters (Hardback)
    Jenny Mustard
    From £12.58
    Save £7.41
  • Be Dazzling (Hardback)
    Rachel Burke
    Maximum cuteness for minimum effort: more than 30 simple ...
    From £5.52
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  • In Intimate Detail (Hardback)
    Cora Harrington, Dita Von...
    The perfect gift or coffee table book for fashion and und...
    From £9.88
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  • Lost in Tangles (Paperback / softback)
    L B Hamilton, Maricela Agu...
    From £15.02
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  • New Dress Code (Hardback)
    Giuseppe Ceccarelli, Angel...
    To wear it or not to wear it, that is the question.
    From £10.17
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