Animals & nature in art (still life, landscapes & seascapes, etc)

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  • Nature's Engraver (Hardback)
    Jenny Uglow
    Tells the story of the farmer's son from Tyneside who rev...
  • The Rhetoric of Perspective (Paperback / softback)
    Hanneke Grootenboer
    Perspective determines how we, as viewers, perceive paint...
  • Drawing Scenery (Paperback / softback)
    Jack Hamm
  • Nature and its Symbols (Paperback / softback)
    Lucia Impelluso
    Nature and Its Symbols is the fifth volume in the series ...
    From £12.31
    Save £4.68
  • 365 Days of Art in Nature (Paperback / softback)
    Lorna Scobie
    Nature-inspired art activities and creative prompts for e...
    From £9.79
    Save £5.20
  • Watercolor Wild and Free (Paperback / softback)
    Natalia Skatula
    Learn to paint cute animals and wildlife in this free-and...
    From £8.65
    Save £6.34
  • Llama Nation 2021 (Calendar)
    Editors of Rock Point
    Fill your year with inspirational quirky cheer with Llama...
    From £9.13
    Save £1.86
  • Sir David Attenborough (Paperback / softback)
    Lizzie Huxley-Jones, Sarah...
    David Attenborough: explorer, broadcaster, natural histor...
    From £4.75
    Save £1.24
  • Daniel J. Kevles
    Heirloom Fruits of America features 100 full-color illust...
    From £14.81
    Save £7.18
  • Zen Garden Design (Hardback)
    Mira Locher, Shunmyo Masu...
    Zen Buddhist priest Shunmyo Masuno understands that today...
    From £13.06
    Save £6.93
  • The Nature of Yosemite (Paperback / softback)
    Robb Hirsch, John Muir Laws
    Here is Yosemite in all of its wonder and allure, brought...
    From £14.80
    Save £5.19
  • Klaus Ottmann
    An exploration of two artists' creative dialogue with gar...
    From £16.95
    Save £13.00
  • Hazel Soan
    Explore the basics of watercolour landscapes with lots of...
    From £7.03
    Save £2.96
  • California's Wild Coast (Paperback / softback)
    Tom Killion, Gary Snyder
    Previously published as California's Wild Edge: The Coast...
    From £16.00
    Save £5.99
  • Susanne Kriemann, Cassandr...
    From £18.42
    Save £3.58
  • Flanders (Hardback)
    Joel Etzold
    Proud towers, picturesque market squares with magnificent...
    From £27.69
    Save £2.30
  • Sweden (Hardback)
    Sabine Von Kienlin
    This illustrated book shows the fascinating diversity and...
    From £30.57
  • Rainer Willmann, Julia Voss
    Discover Ernst Haeckel, the 19th-century artist-biologist...
    From £13.07
    Save £6.93