• Rosie Wolfenden
    Tatty Devine's statement jewellery is always ahead of the...
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  • Caroline Akselson, Alexand...
    Sew yourself sustainable as you work through the 27 proje...
    From £16.11
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  • M. Silver
    The story of pioneering modernist designer-makers Phylis ...
    From £17.02
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  • Mend & Patch (Paperback / softback)
    Kerstin Neumuller
    Throwing away damaged, yet beloved, clothes can sometimes...
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  • Andrew Bolton, Fabio Clet...
    "The exhibition is made possible by Gucci; additional sup...
    From £28.58
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  • Spectrum (Hardback)
    Ros Byam Shaw
    A visual analysis of the colours used in furnishing fabri...
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  • Fashionary
    Fashionary Bag Design book is the most practical bag ency...
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  • Seats of London (Paperback / softback)
    Andrew Martin
    An illustrated guide to the moquette fabric patterns used...
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  • Fashion Embroidery (Hardback)
    Jessica Pile
    This practical step-by-step guide to haute couture embroi...
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  • Andrew Bolton
    The great pantheon of fashion designers produces only a ...
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  • Fashionpedia (Hardback)
    FASHIONPEDIA is a visual fashion dictionary covering all ...
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  • Lucienne Day: Textile Design (Paperback / softback)
    Andrew Casey
    The first in depth study to look at all aspects of the wo...
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  • Kimono (Hardback)
    Anna Jackson
    The kimono is the ultimate symbol of Japan, revered withi...
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  • Galliano (Hardback)
    Kerry Taylor
    Galliano: Spectacular Fashion is the first detailed guide...
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  • Hilary Davidson
    A comprehensive and beautifully illustrated examination o...
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  • Marie-Therese Rieber
    This illustrated, official book charts the heritage and i...
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  • Tim Walker (Hardback)
    Tim Walker, Susanna Brown
    A journey through the unique creative mind of one of the ...
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  • Lagerfeld (Hardback)
    Simon Procter
    An extraordinary look at Chanel s most iconic runway show...
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