Film production: technical & background skills

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  • David McHenry
    Drawing the Line: Technical Hand Drafting for Film and Te...
    From £38.12
    Save £1.87
  • Mr Brandon Alinger, J W ...
    Who can forget the first time they saw Darth Vader with h...
    From £25.72
    Save £9.27
  • World of IT (Hardback)
    Alyse Wax, Andy Muschietti
    An official behind-the-scenes companion to New Line Cinem...
    From £18.00
    Save £12.00
  • Phil Szostak, Doug Chiang
    The official behind-the-scenes concept, production, and p...
    From £18.00
    Save £12.00
  • Phil Szostak, Rian Johnso...
    Featuring unforgettable art and exclusive interviews with...
    From £18.00
    Save £12.00
  • Making Movie Magic (Hardback)
    John Richardson
    Oscar-winning special effects master John Richardson lift...
    From £12.80
    Save £12.20
  • Alien (Hardback)
    Titan Books
    Ridley Scott returns to the universe he created, with ALI...
    From £18.81
    Save £11.18
  • Art History for Filmmakers (Paperback / softback)
    Gillian McIver
    Since cinema's earliest days, literary adaptation has pro...
    From £28.21
    Save £6.78
  • Dennis Prince
    Joe Alves: Designing JAWS provides the production designe...
    From £18.81
    Save £11.18
  • J. W. Rinzler
    The definitive visual history of the thrilling make-up ar...
    From £102.12
    Save £82.88
  • The Eloquent Screen (Paperback / softback)
    Gilberto Perez, James Harvey
    Cinema is commonly hailed as "the universal language," bu...
    From £19.60
    Save £4.39
  • Simon Ward
    The official 10th anniversary making of book for the Dunc...
    From £18.81
    Save £11.18
  • Robert Sellers
    The first biography of the legendary producers of the Jam...
    From £9.74
    Save £10.26
  • Eyes Wide Shut (Paperback / softback)
    Robert P. Kolker, Nathan ...
    From inception to reception and afterlife,Eyes Wide Shut ...
    From £17.40
    Save £2.59
  • Rob Bredow, Ron Howard
    Industrial Light & Magic Presents: Making Solo: A Star Wa...
    From £24.77
    Save £10.23
  • The Dynamic Frame (Paperback / softback)
    Patrick Keating
    Patrick Keating offers an innovative history of the aesth...
    From £19.58
    Save £12.42
  • Liberating Hollywood (Paperback / softback)
    Maya Montanez Smukler
    Drawing on interviews conducted by the author, Liberating...
    From £29.78
  • Vision (Hardback)
    Santan Suryavanshi, Hans ...
    Featuring hundreds of carefully hand-crafted illustration...
    From £23.24
    Save £8.76