History of art: Byzantine & Medieval art c 500 CE to c 1400

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  • Van Eyck (Hardback)
    Maximiliaan Martens, Till-...
    Accompanies the biggest ever exhibition on the Flemish ma...
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  • Making Medieval Manuscripts (Paperback / softback)
    Christopher de Hamel
    Based mainly on examples in the Bodleian Library, this la...
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  • Dan Terkla, Nick Millea
    First full collection on the seven most significant Engli...
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  • Gothic Sculpture (Hardback)
    Paul Binski
    In this beautifully illustrated study, Paul Binski offers...
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  • Mark Evans, Elania Pierag...
    Many of the most beautiful Renaissance portraits, botanic...
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  • Jonathan M. Bloom
    An authoritative survey situating some of the Western wor...
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  • Yellow (Hardback)
    Michel Pastoureau, Jody G...
    A renowned authority on the history of color and the auth...
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  • Elizabeth Morrison, Larisa...
    A celebration of the visual contributions of the bestiary...
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  • ,Adele Cilento
    Sicily is famous for the spectacular mosaics found in its...
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  • Arenberg (Hardback)
    Mark Derez, Soetkin Vanha...
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  • Charles Phillips
    In Medieval Europe castles were one of the most imposing ...
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  • Designing English (Hardback)
    Daniel Wakelin
    'Designing English' is an overview of eight centuries of ...
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  • Medieval Graffiti (Hardback)
    Matthew Champion
    Drawing on examples from surviving medieval churches in E...
  • Alchemy & Mysticism (Hardback)
    Alexander Roob
    Fables, folklore, and fantasy-this compendium of all thin...
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  • Eloquent Bodies (Hardback)
    Jacqueline E. Jung
    A radical reassessment of the role of movement, emotion, ...
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  • Bryan C. Keene
    This important and overdue book examines illuminated manu...
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  • Milvia Bollati, Marc Micha...
    This scholarly book includes chapters on the art, iconogr...
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  • Sandra Rendgen, Julius Wi...
    From cosmic charts and da Vinci's Vitruvian Man to the Ne...
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