• Saltmarsh (Hardback)
    Clive Chatters
    "Saltmarshes are often remote, inhospitable places, neith...
    From £23.92
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  • Rocky Shores (Hardback)
    John Archer-Thomson, Julia...
    An accessible and engaging account of the natural history...
    From £23.92
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  • Britain's Ferns (Paperback / softback)
    James Merryweather
    This is a comprehensive, lavishly illustrated and user-fr...
    From £12.91
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  • Barrie E. Juniper, David J...
    The story of apples begins in an unexpected place: with b...
    From £21.63
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  • Plants of the World (Hardback)
    Mr Maarten J. M. Christen...
    This is the first comprehensive book to cover every vascu...
    From £83.89
  • Brilliant Green (Hardback)
    Stefano Mancuso, Alessandr...
    Are plants intelligent?
  • The Ash Tree (Hardback)
    Oliver Rackham
    In response to Ash Disease Oliver Rackham, one the outsta...
  • Christian Ratsch
    The most comprehensive guide to the botany, history, dist...
  • The Botany of Desire (Paperback / softback)
    Michael Pollan
    A book which brilliantly twists our perception of nature ...
    From £9.37
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  • Plants for a Future (Paperback / softback)
    Ken Fern
    Plants For a Future specifically focuses on edible specie...
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  • Palace of Palms (Hardback)
    Kate Teltscher
    The Palm House at Kew has been one of Britain's most popu...
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  • Suburban Herbarium (Paperback / softback)
    William Arnold
    From £12.91
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  • Toby Musgrave
    A fascinating life of Sir Joseph Banks which restores him...
    From £18.27
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  • John Poland
    Following rigorous testing throughout Britain and Ireland...
    From £23.24
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  • Chris Thorogood
    Field Guide to the Wild Flowers of the Eastern Mediterran...
    From £21.63
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  • The Secret Network of Nature (Paperback / softback)
    Peter Wohlleben
    The natural world is a web of intricate connections, many...
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  • Dr. Jill Stansbury
    Herbal Formularies for Health Professionals is a five-vol...
    From £22.93
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  • III Robert N. Spengler
    The foods we eat have a deep and often surprising past.
    From £19.08
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