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  • Bowie Unseen (Hardback)
    Gerald Fearnley
    A collection of original and rare photographs from Bowie'...
    From £10.38
    Save £7.61
  • In Another World (Hardback)
    Gerald Dawe
    From £9.19
    Save £4.80
  • The Life of a Song (Hardback)
    Jan Dalley, David Cheal
    The fascinating back stories behind 50 of the world's bes...
    From £9.45
    Save £3.54
  • Martin Fitzgerald
    The concept behind the Ruth and Martin's Album Club blog ...
    From £9.31
    Save £5.68
  • Studying Popular Music Culture (Paperback / softback)
    Tim Wall
    A fully revised and updated edition of this widely adopte...
    From £21.45
    Save £6.54
  • Living in The Merry Ghetto (Paperback / softback)
    Trever Hagen
    Living in the Merry Ghetto is a new look at illegal music...
    From £20.38
    Save £2.61
  • The Thunder Girls (Paperback / softback)
    Melanie Blake
    The Thunder Girls by Melanie Blake is a lavish tale of fr...
    From £6.81
    Save £1.18
  • Why Karen Carpenter Matters (Paperback / softback)
    Karen Tongson
    In the '60s and '70s, America's music scene was marked by...
    From £10.82
    Save £3.17
  • On Streisand (Hardback)
    Ethan Mordden
    She said, "I became a singer because I couldn't get work ...
    From £14.22
    Save £2.77
  • Various
    The most iconic quotes from the world's biggest girl band
    From £5.76
    Save £1.23
  • Peaceful Piano Playlist (Sheet music)
    Peaceful Piano Playlist presents a collection of 35 piano...
    From £9.35
    Save £3.64
  • Julien Bitoun
    A complete chronological account of Woodstock, hour by ho...
    From £21.23
    Save £8.77
  • Ruth and Martin's Album Club (Paperback / softback)
    Martin Fitzgerald
    A compilation of the greatest hits (and some new material...
    From £7.15
    Save £2.84
  • Kerstin Klenke
    The Sound State of Uzbekistan: Popular Music and Politics...
    From £127.77
  • Various
    The most iconic quotes from Jonathan Van Ness, the sassie...
    From £5.76
    Save £1.23
  • Geoff Stahl, Giacomo Botta
    The night and popular music have long served to energise ...
    From £59.75
    Save £30.24
  • Zack Moir, Bryan Powell, ...
    The Bloomsbury Handbook of Popular Music Educationdraws t...
    From £93.77
    Save £36.23
  • Sarah Raine, Tim Wall, Ni...
    The northern soul scene is a dance-based music culture th...
    From £54.11
    Save £20.89