• My Dog, My Friend (Hardback)
    Jacki Gordon
    A kaleidoscope of vivid, moving and highly entertaining a...
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  • Gemma Correll
    This manual is an essential item for any pug aspiring to ...
    From £5.95
    Save £4.04
  • The Colours of Murder (Paperback / softback)
    Ali Carter
    If only death came with a warning...
    From £5.52
    Save £3.47
  • Leslie Mosier
    From £12.22
  • Susan McMullan
    Our beloved pooches bring us a world of happiness.
    From £5.01
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  • Helen Zulch, Daniel Mills
    This book approaches puppy education from the puppy's per...
  • The French Dog (Hardback)
    Rachael McKenna
    'The French Dog' combines evocative photography of some o...
  • Why Does My Dog...? (Paperback / softback)
    John Fisher
    Fisher sets out to help dog owners understand the psychol...
    From £7.67
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  • Lost Dog (Hardback)
    Kate Spicer
    The Sunday Times top ten bestseller'Lost Dog is already o...
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  • Emily Dean
    The funny, heart-breaking memoir of love, family and over...
    From £12.62
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  • Fabulous Finn (Paperback / softback)
    Dave Wardell, Lynne Barre...
    The Inspirational Life of Britain's Bravest Dog
    From £6.38
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  • Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy (Paperback / softback)
    Steve Mann
    My name's Steve Mann and I've been a professional dog tra...
    From £7.95
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  • Celia Haddon
    Animal behaviour expert and bestselling author Celia Hadd...
    From £7.54
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  • Four-Legged Therapy (Hardback)
    Dept Ltd
    Discover the joys of unconditional love and how the best ...
    From £9.45
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  • Virginie Bhat
    A charming compendium of dog breeds, richly illustrated w...
    From £6.96
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  • Ishbel Holmes
    Me, My Bike and a Street Dog Called Lucy - Holiday reads ...
    From £7.03
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  • A Brush with Death (Paperback / softback)
    Ali Carter
    Agatha Christie meets Downton Abbey in this delightful ne...
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  • The Great Cat and Dog Massacre (Paperback / softback)
    Hilda Kean
    During WWII, four hundred thousand cats and dogs were eut...
    From £10.02
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