• Daphne Pendergrass
    Harry Potter fans can scratch and savour the scents of de...
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  • Claire Phillip, Belinda G...
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  • LEGO Gadgets (Mixed media product)
    Editors of Klutz
    From the practical to the intriguing, to the flat-out rid...
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  • Convertible Spaceship (Board book)
    Claire Phillip, Belinda G...
  • Daniel Fehr, Celeste Aires
    Mr Left lives on the left page.
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  • LEGO Make Your Own Movie (Mixed media product)
    Pat Murphy
    Make your own LEGO movie scenes with this fun and easy gu...
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  • Peekaboo Baby Animals (Novelty book)
    Maddie Frost
    Find the hidden baby animals in this rhyming slide and se...
  • Illuminightmare (Hardback)
    Carnovsky, Lucy Brownridge
    Visit the most haunted places on Earth using your three-c...
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  • Roger Priddy
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  • Matthew Morgan, Nathan Tho...
    It's Halloween, and a cheeky spider is creeping up on Gho...
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  • British Museum: Mummy! (Board book)
    Lerryn Korda
    This is an ingenious piece of narrative non-fiction, endi...
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  • Dino (Novelty book)
    Fhiona Galloway, Jonathan ...
    Discover lots of little dinosaurs in this playful book of...
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  • Play Shop (Board book)
    Roger Priddy
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  • My First Keyboard Book (Board book)
    Sam Taplin
    Learn to play simple, well-known tunes on the sturdy keyb...
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  • Animalium (Hardback)
    Jenny Broom, Katie Scott
    Discover more than 160 exhibits in this virtual museum, o...
  • There Are Cats in This Book (Paperback / softback)
    Viviane Schwarz
    If you're feeling feline-friendly, this may be just the n...
  • Sam Taplin, Jennifer Bell
    It's bedtime for little bear... but the starry sky looks ...
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  • Barbi Sido
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