• St Kilda (Hardback)
    Angela Gannon, George Geddes
    A detailed yet accessible account of Britain's most remot...
  • Wayne Cocroft, Paul Stamper
    Archaeological remains can be found of practice trench li...
    From £25.58
    Save £24.42
  • Naman P. Ahuja
    This book covers all early Indian objects (pre-600 AD) he...
    From £26.07
    Save £13.93
  • From Brunel to British Rail (Paperback / softback)
    Andy Shelley, Richard Brown
    Trace a line across a map of London and one will encounte...
    From £9.03
    Save £0.97
  • Formative Britain (Paperback / softback)
    Martin Carver
    Formative Britain presents an account of the peoples occu...
    From £28.63
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  • Neil Oliver
    (Edward Stourton)From much-loved historian Neil Oliver, c...
    From £15.86
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  • The Anglo-Saxon Fenland (Paperback / softback)
    Susan Oosthuizen
    New interdisciplinary history of the Anglo-Saxon fenland ...
    From £22.68
    Save £7.27
  • Peter Herring, Adam Sharp...
    Examines the industrial and post-medieval landscape of Bo...
  • The Archaeology of Death and Burial (Paperback / softback)
    Mike Parker Pearson
    The archaeology of death and burial
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  • Ian Armit
    This book explores the history of human settlement and so...
    From £27.07
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  • The Stonemason (Hardback)
    Andrew Ziminski
    A stonemason's story of the building of Britain: part arc...
    From £15.39
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  • Carolyn Heighway, Richard ...
    A highly illustrated volume on the history of the abbey a...
    From £19.27
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  • Clarisse Godard Desmarest
    This collection of innovative essays celebrates the New T...
    From £23.08
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  • David Miles
    An exploration of one of England's great ancient monument...
    From £16.49
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  • Tracing the Indo-Europeans (Paperback / softback)
    Birgit Anette Olsen, Thoma...
    Inter-disciplinary study combining archaeological evidenc...
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  • Beyond the Empire (Hardback)
    Andrew Tibbs
    Though Scotland was never successfully conquered by the R...
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  • Lyn Blackmore, Ian Blair,...
    The results of detailed study of the evidence and artefac...
  • King of Dust (Hardback)
    Alex Woodcock
    King of Dust is a stonemason's personal journey through t...
    From £12.36
    Save £3.64