Marketplace Purchases

1. Introduction to marketplace purchasing

You can purchase New and Used books from the Marketplace on BOOKS etc..

The Marketplace is where private sellers, mainly with a strong University background, wish to sell books, they no longer have a need for.

The buying process relies on the integrity of the individual private seller, to ensure that you the purchaser, receive the book that you ordered in the condition it was offered and in a timely manner.

2. How does it work

2.1 Opening an account with BOOKS etc.

Before you can start purchasing you must first register with BOOKS etc.. You need to provide some personal details and address's, Registration is free.

Security is a key element to shopping online. We therefore ensure that all your personal information, credit card and bank details are stored safely and securely. We make sure that you and only you can access your account and any financial transactions are processed securely.

2.2 Purchasing a book

In order to make a purchase, you must follow our purchase procedure.

After selecting your purchase, you simply click the 'Add to Basket' Button You can then either continue shopping or click the 'Checkout Now' button where you confirm the Delivery and Billing Address's and Payment Details' before confirming the transaction. Once the transaction has been successfully processed and payment taken, we shall send confirmation by emails to both yourself and the seller confirming the purchase.

2.3 Delivery of the book

The seller is responsible for the packing and the safe transportation of the book to you. We advise the seller to post books using Royal Mail's "signed for" recorded post. This allows for confirmation by the Post Office that you have received the book. Books will be posted within 3 working days of receipt of our email confirming the sale. Sales not posted within 3 working days will be cancelled and the refund process will be initiated.

On receipt of the book and when you are satisfied that the book received is what was ordered and in the condition offered, you should notify us immediately, by clicking the 'Received' button. This will ensure that we can provide the seller with the proceeds from the sale, in a timely manner.

Sales posted but not marked as received within 7 days will automatically be set as received and payment will become due to the seller. The buyer agrees that in such cases positive feedback will be left for the seller.

All deliveries will be handled between the seller of the books and you the buyer and not by us.

We assume no liability or responsibility for deliveries that do not take place, are delayed or are delivered to the wrong destination. The seller alone is responsible for delivering the book to you and answering any questions that you may have as to the book's condition or otherwise.

It is your responsibility, to check if an attempt has been made to deliver their book, using the track and trace number provided from within your account.

2.4 Cancellation of the book

You cannot cancel the order once the book has been shipped.

The seller may cancel their sale when it is in the 'just bought' status by logging into their account and pressing the "Cancel Sale" button. . We request that the seller leaves a message as to the reason for cancellation. In this case negative feed back will not be applied.

Sales not posted within 3 working days will be cancelled and the refund process will be initiated.

2.5 Disputed purchases and contacting seller

You may open a dispute for a sale, in which case it will not be automatically completed or cancelled. You and seller must try to resolve any problems amongst yourselves before contacting the ''/'' Support Team. You can close the dispute at any time in which case the sale will continue as normal.

If you need to contact the seller, this should be done via the Mailbox/Compose Message and typing in the seller's alias/user name under recipient. Then compose your message and send it.

2.6 Returns and refund policy

We shall only provide refunds after consideration of the individual circumstances, where you have not received the book ordered. We shall provide refunds after a period of 7 days from the sale cancellation date.

We are not responsible for the redelivery of the correct books or return of the incorrect books which shall be handled directly between you and the seller.

If the seller refuses to pay the Post and Packaging, for the return of the incorrect book, then you keep the incorrect book and are refunded. In these circumstances the seller will not be paid.