Marketplace Selling

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1. Introduction to marketplace selling

You can sell your new and used books, in the Marketplace, on 'BOOKS etc.'. By listing your books for sale, you can reach over a million registered users of BOOKS etc.. Joining and listing books for sale on 'BOOKS etc.' is free.

BOOKS etc., pride ourselves in offering a fast efficient service to our purchasing customers. So in order to maintain the service, sellers must be prepared to honour their commitment to us and the purchaser, by shipping their books to the buyer, within 3 working days

Alternatively, if you have a busy life, you can use our 'Books4Cash' service, where we buy your books from you directly, saving you the time and effort of packing and shipping your books and earning you cash straight away. This service is currently only available on

2. Selling Fees

2.1 Basic Fees

Best value for casual sellers.

Our fees are 15% (fifteen per cent) plus VAT of the selling price of your book together with the sum of 76p (seventy six pence) which is deducted from the proceeds of sale accounted to you. . See Seller Fees.

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2.2 Trusted Seller Fees

Best value for more professional sellers who expect to sell more.

No Completion Fees. Be a happy seller, be a Trusted Seller

  • Enjoy No Completion Fees
    • We won't take our completion fees when you sell a book, only available to Trusted Sellers.
  • Enjoy a Promotional Seller Listing
    • As a Trusted Seller you will be promoted in the list of sellers on a book preview page, regardless of your selling price, greatly increasing your chances of a sale.
  • Enjoy Greater Book Exposure
    • We will tag your books throughout the site allowing users to see which books are available by Trusted Sellers, this will drive more traffic to your books.
  • Enjoy Boosting your sales
    • Watch your sales increase as buyers prefer to buy their books from a Trusted Seller

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2.3 VAT on Seller Fees

Due to a European Union directive that subjects electronically supplied services to value-added tax (VAT), 'BOOKS etc.' is required to charge VAT on all seller fees charged on or after July 1, 2003. The VAT charged on these fees is at the standard UK VAT rate of 20%.

In general, VAT applies to all seller fees paid by sellers that reside, have a permanent address, or are established in one of the European Union countries.

2.4 VAT on the items you sell

Since Marketplace is not directly involved in the sale of merchandise between buyers and sellers, buyers and sellers are responsible for determining whether or not the price of the item sold (and the associated buyer delivery charge) is subject to VAT, customs duties, fees and other taxes and are responsible for paying such amounts as required under law.

3. How does it work

3.1 Opening an account with BOOKS etc.

Before you can start selling you must first register with 'BOOKS etc.'. You will then need to provide a personal profile of yourself, together with personal details and address's. Most importantly you need to provide us with your Current Bank Account details, so we can pay you for any successful sales.

Security is a key element to shopping online. We therefore ensure that all your personal information, credit card and bank details are stored safely and securely. We make sure that you and only you can access your account and any financial transactions are processed securely.

3.2 Listing your books

Once you have set up your account you are now ready to start listing your books for sale.

By clicking 'Sell a Book', you can start listing your books, by entering the ISBN Number. Please ensure you use the 13 digit ISBN/Bar code number. All books should start with 978. Enter your selling price and the book condition. Suggested 'Delivery' prices are entered automatically. Also enter any relevant comment on the book condition. Then save your changes. If at anytime you wish to remove the book from sale, simply click the 'Remove from Sale' button.

When describing the book condition please use the following convention :-

3.3 Temporary Absence

If you are going on holiday, it is important to disable your book store until you're back, otherwise any sales during this period, could result in a cancellation. You can do this under 'Settings' by indicating your return date.

You can also delete your account in this area.

3.4 After a successful sale

You will be advised by email, as soon as a buyer has purchased one of your books. You then have 3 working days to pack and post the book to the buyer. It is most important to ensure, that you have advised us that the book has been shipped. This is achieved by clicking the 'Shipped' button, against your sold book under 'My Sales'. Failure to do this within 3 working days, will result in an order cancellation and negative feedback will be applied to your account. The buyer will then receive a full refund and you the seller will have lost a sale.

Your account will also be deactivated. If you wish to reactivate your account you will need to get in touch with us, however negative feed back can not be rescinded.

We ask for shipment within 3 days in order to maintain an efficient service to our customers.

3.5 Cancellation of the sale

You may cancel your sale when it is in the 'just bought' status by logging into your account and pressing the "Cancel Sale" button. We request that you leave a message as to the reason for cancellation. In this case negative feed back will not be applied.

3.6 Packing and shipping your book

You must ensure suitable packaging for safe transportation of the book. We advise you to post books using Royal Mail's "signed for" recorded post. This allows for confirmation by the Post Office that the buyer has received the books. You will receive a Track and Trace Number, which you can share with the buyer when notifying of dispatch details. Books must be posted within 3 working days of receipt of our email confirming the sale.

Only when the buyer indicates that they have received the book(s) from yourself and is satisfied that the book(s) are in a condition described by yourself on the site, shall we transfer the sale price, less commissions into your current bank account. (Refer to Para 3.7 for Fees and 3.8 for payment)

All deliveries will be handled between the seller of the books and the buyer and not by us.

We assume no liability or responsibility for deliveries that do not take place, are delayed or are delivered to the wrong destination. The seller alone is responsible for delivering the book to the buyer and answering any questions the buyer may have as to the book's condition or otherwise.

It is the buyers responsibility, to check if an attempt has been made to deliver their book, using the track and trace number provided from within their account.

3.7 Fees from a successful sale

Joining 'BOOKS etc.' is free, although you will remain responsible for the costs of accessing the Site and communicating with our users. Listing books for sale through our Site is free. We charge fees on books sold through our site. Our fees are 15% (fifteen per cent) plus VAT of the selling price of your book together with the sum of 76p (seventy six pence) which is deducted from the proceeds of sale accounted to you.

We may change this policy and our fees at any time, and any change will be effective after the expiry of 7 days following the broadcast of an email from 'BOOKS etc.' notifying the changes in policy. We may at our sole discretion, change some or all of our services at any time. In the event we introduce a new service, the fees for that service are effective at the launch of the service.

Unless otherwise stated, all fees are payable in GB Pounds sterling. Whether you are a business or not, VAT may apply to your transaction. Sellers will be responsible for paying all fees associated with using our service and our Site and all applicable taxes.

3.8 Payment from a successful sale

We do our very best to ensure that all sellers receive their payment promptly after a successful sale. The Buyer is asked to press the received button, so that payment to you can be achieved in a timely manner. Sales posted but not marked as received within 7 days, will be automatically set as received and payment will become due to you.

Sales marked as received will be processed on 1st and 15th of each month following the received notification. Payment will be transferred to your current account, 3 to 5 working days after these dates.

We do appreciate your concern and all payments will be transferred as quickly as possible, so please ensure you have provided us with your Current Bank Account details to enable us to pay you without delay.

3.9 Disputed sales and contacting buyer

The buyer may open a dispute for a sale, in which case it will not be automatically completed or cancelled. You and the Buyer must try to resolve any problems amongst yourselves before contacting the 'BOOKS etc.' support team. The buyer can close the dispute at any time in which case the sale will continue as normal.

If you need to contact the buyer, this should be done via the Mailbox/Compose Message and typing in the buyer's alias/user name under recipient. Then compose your message and send it.